Fox 46: Single and not ready to mingle? Pandemic puts Charlotte on list for worst dating cities

by Laurie Berzack
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Charlotte is often considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Even with all the new people in town, the Queen City remains at the bottom of a national dating list.

“I have heard this so many times. I have also heard there is nobody good in online dating,” said Laurie Berzack, owner of Carolinas Matchmaker. The list came out last November and factors in the pandemic, including if people believe bars and restaurants are still an option to meet other singles.“Post-pandemic, it’s next to impossible to meet someone organically. Everyone is wearing masks, you can’t see anyone’s expression. No one wants to approach you. Everybody is avoiding eye contact,” said Berzack. The pandemic may explain why only 16 percent of Charlotte singles said they were satisfied with local dating opportunities. “I feel like it’s an attitude shift that needs to happen. You need to open yourself up and sometimes it’s kinda that energy thing,” said Berzack.

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