QC Life: Introducing your date to relatives at the holidays. How to do it successfully

by Laurie Berzack

When it comes to introducing your date to your family over the holidays, there are some dos and don’ts to follow.

If you’ve started dating someone new, this may be the first time they’re meeting your family, or you’re meeting theirs.

Watch this QC Life video for tips for successfully introducing your date to relatives this holiday season, and read below for some more “Do’s and Dont’s”

Do’s and Don’ts of Successfully Introducing Your Partner to Your Family Over the Holidays 


  1. Bring a small gift. Nothing over the top (flowers, hostess gift) and offer to bring a dish/ dessert if you are having a meal 
  2. Offer to help! Ask what you can do to help prepare and what you can do to help clean up. 
  3. Pay attention to your feelings. This is not only a time for them to decide what they think of you, it’s a time for you to see what you think about them. It’s not only about the impression you’re making. 
  4. Be prepared. Know the people’s names you’ll be meeting and any pertinent info- what they do for a living, anything that your partner thinks may be important for you to know beforehand. 
  5. Show interest- People really appreciate people asking questions and when people show genuine interest in getting to know them
  6. Dress appropriately. Find out specifics of what you’re doing and where you’ll be meeting. 
  7. Keep the visit under a time constraint. You don’t want to overwhelm either your family or your date. Know what the start and end time will be and stick to that 
  8. Wait until after the holidays if you are introducing someone to your kids. The holidays are not the best time to do that. Wait until after the new year when there is more of a routine, and the rush and thrill of the season is over, etc. 


  1. Don’t bring up any heated topics like politics, vaccination status, etc.
  2. Don’t drink too much
  3. Don’t spend time looking at your phone. Try to be present and in the moment
  4. Don’t use curse words. Be on your best behavior, but remain true to your authentic self. 
  5. Don’t make a blanket judgment on the dynamics after one meeting. Especially over the holidays- it can be a stressful time. 

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