The Local Vibe on Triad: Carolinas Matchmaker shares tips for finding your person in 2022

by Laurie Berzack

Laurie Berzack, Carolinas Matchmaker, provides tips on finding the love of your life in 2022!

Watch this The Local Vibe on the Triad CW segment, and read below for tips on finding your person:

Tips on how to find your ideal partner:

  • Define “ideal.” Too often people define ideal in terms of physical attributes (height, body type, age) which leads to a narrowing of the pool. Instead, focus more on the characteristics of the person that truly matter. Do you share core values, do you laugh together, how does the person treat others in the world?
  • Discuss the basics with a partner early on; do you want kids? How do you handle finances, spiritual/religious positions, and expectations? And what are your political ideologies? You do not have to align on all of these but mutual understanding and respect are essential.
  • Laughter is key. Find someone you can laugh with, someone you truly find funny, and you will have the #1 relationship sustainer.
  • Get out there! Join a meetup (, join a non-profit and/or volunteer in your community, get online, sign up for Laurie’s Women’s Virtual Dating Bootcamp Boot Camp.

Red Flags when dating:

  • Love bombing
  • With Online dating:
    • Becoming a penpal
    • If they are making it difficult to meet in person
    • If there is only one photo on their profile
    • Being overly defensive
    • They don’t respect your boundaries
    • They are jealous

Green Flags when dating:

  • With Online dating:
    • Responding in a timely and appropriate manner and nothing about it makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable
    • You seem to align in your online dating summaries
    • Has good relationships with family and friends (although not enmeshed)
    • You can be yourself
    • You don’t feel confused about where you stand
    • Moving at a comfortable pace
    • People say nice things about them/ they have integrity

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The Local Vibe on Triad: Carolinas Matchmaker shares tips for finding your person in 2022

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