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    Tell us about yourself

    When you work with us, our team starts by getting to know you — what you’re looking for, what you value most, what you’re interested in, and more. Submitting your confidential profile is the first step toward meeting your match.

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    Meet with Laurie

    Submitting your confidential profile qualifies you for a one-on-one consultation with Laurie F. Berzack, MSW, Founder of Carolinas Matchmaker. During your initial consultation, we will review your relationship history and learn what you are looking for in your future partner. Once you become a client, we will use your criteria to conduct a personalized search just for you. We use our extensively curated database of quality singles in the Carolinas to match you with great prospects. Before making your introductions we interview your prospective matches and run background checks.

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    Find the partner you’ve been waiting for

    Once we find a match in our curated database, it’s time for an introduction! Our date coordinator will arrange a day, time and venue where you both feel relaxed and at ease. We’ll spend time with you beforehand to ensure that you are confident and ready to put your best foot forward. Then, you simply show up—knowing that every detail has been arranged for you. After the introduction we always collect comprehensive feedback from both parties.

    If it’s a match on both sides, then we step aside. And if it’s not a match, it’s not a problem. We handle everything in a personal and empathetic way. Then it’s on to the next match!

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