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Finding that special person can be challenging—but you don't have to do it alone. At Carolinas Matchmaker we pride ourselves on giving you professional and personalized service as we help you find the partner you deserve. First, we listen—to your criteria, your hopes and your values. Then, we customize a plan, curate compatible prospects and coach you through the dating process.

We are as motivated as you are to find the right match, because your success is our success. Speaking of success, four out of every five clients find lasting love when they work with Carolinas Matchmaker.

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Laurie F. Berzack, MSW

Founder of Carolinas Matchmaker

Matchmaker, relationship expert and dating coach Laurie Berzack, MSW is the founder and owner of Carolinas Matchmaker. She works with singles in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Charleston, Columbia, Winston Salem, Asheville, Hilton Head and Wilmington. Her dating and relationship expertise has been featured on O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, US News & World Report, the Charlotte Observer and WFAE, and Charlotte’s NPR News Source. Laurie established Carolinas Matchmaker in 2006. She and her team of cupids have met over 10,000 singles across the Carolinas and have helped them navigate their journey to love.

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  • Matchmaking


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    Modern dating can be complicated and confusing. It just makes sense to have an expert in your corner. Our team of experienced professionals customizes a plan to find you compatible prospects, designs personalized introductions, and coaches you through the entire process.

  • Date Coaching

    Date Coaching

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    Our expertise saves you time and takes the frustration out of online dating. We will optimize your profile to attract the best prospects, curate your prospects to save you time and help you avoid online dating fatigue, and help you hone your skills and results through weekly coaching. Our goal is to help you find that special person so you can take your relationship offline and into the real world!

  • It's time to get inspired, get motivated, and get going with the sought-after workshops and resources offered by Laurie Berzack and the Carolinas Matchmaker team. Whether it's learning to love yourself, a guide to online dating, or Laurie's practical tips for managing anxiety, we've got you covered.

Latest testimonials

“I began working with Laurie and the Carolinas Matchmaker team earlier this year. After the standard meeting to understand my dating preferences, I began meeting some very nice women. Although the first couple of women were not a perfect fit, I was recently matched with an amazing and beautiful woman! I’m extremely happy to say that I cannot wait to see what the future holds for myself and this woman! #trusttheprocess”

-Nate, Charlotte, NC

“I embraced the matchmaking process with an open mind and an open heart. Placing complete trust in Laurie was a leap of faith and I was blown away with the results. Her guidance, coaching skills, and relationship knowledge are priceless. I was introduced to several great guys, but found true chemistry when I met “The One”. He and I connected on so many levels instantly. We knew within the first few dates that our mutual search for each other was over. I cannot remember being this happy in a relationship. Thank you so much, Laurie, for all you do!”

-Candace, Winston Salem, NC

“What I appreciate the most about the service Laurie provides is that it’s not just about finding the perfect match, but also identifying and acknowledging what you need and deserve in a long-term happy relationship. It’s been as much of an experience about self-discovery as it has been about meeting the right person who makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else who came before them.”

-Maria, Cary, NC

“Laurie it’s like you have a sixth sense! You say what I am feeling or thinking before I am even able to articulate it! You really ‘get me!’”

-Renee, Chapel Hill, NC

“I wasn’t lucky—I was smart. I hired you guys!”

-Craig, Charleston, SC

“I was not nervous going into the first date like I normally am because I knew Laurie had already screened him out and that he’d be a good fit for me! It was such a great and liberating feeling!”

-Maggie, Columbia, SC

“I so enjoyed my time with Laurie yesterday. The guidance she gave me was perfect for what I needed to begin to shift and move forward. I already feel things shifting! She also held space for all the emotions that arose as we navigated what I wanted to manifest for myself. What a gift she is for those of us looking for a loving partner! Thank you dear Laurie!”

-Dawn, Denver, NC

“Laurie, I so enjoyed our time together yesterday! I am feeling a shift already and I have begun listening to Attached on Audible. Woohoo!”

-Jamie, Greensboro, NC

“Laurie is amazing! She’s my role model & inspiration.”

-Jenny, Greenville, SC

“Carolinas Matchmaker increased my self-confidence in online dating and in meeting my match by giving me positive feedback, hope, and confidence. The experience was worth every penny I spent.”

-Ellen, Spartanburg, SC

“Thanks to the Carolinas Matchmaker team, I met someone I am extremely happy with! I cancelled my match account today! Woohoo! As far as I’m concerned, this program with Laurie was the best investment I ever made!”

-Pamela, Fort Mill, SC

“Thank you, Laurie, for giving me the confidence boost to try new things in the dating world!”

-Brian, Charleston, SC

“Laurie, thank you for the tough love and for your honesty and directness to help me on the right path. You were my guiding light and there to prevent me from making a misinformed and careless mistake.”

-Greg, Charlotte, NC

“Laurie is truly AWESOME! So intuitive, witty, down to earth, big heart, tells it like it is, true Southern hospitality. She wants only the best for her clients and to spread the LOVE!”

-Linda, Charlotte, NC

“Thank you so much for meeting with me today! Your insight and intuition are invaluable. I left your office motivated and excited—both of which you were able to inspire in me. Our session was truly soul food.”

-Mark, Asheville, NC

“Laurie, you give me self esteem. It’s like a pep rally. I feel great. I feel like I made a breakthrough.”

-Susan, Wilmington, NC

“I believe my experiences with Laurie and her team helped build up my confidence in myself and that I had what it takes to be in a serious relationship. I am thankful for Laurie and her team and appreciate all they’ve done for me and my continued growth.”

-Stephen, Durham, NC

“I realized that even though I have an online dating profile, I’ve never truly delved deep into who I am, what I have to offer in a relationship, and the qualities I seek in a partner. After speaking with you, thinking about it all, and taking the time to fill out the application, I feel I have a much better idea of who I am and what I can bring to a relationship.”

-Tiffany, Raleigh, NC

“All I can say is thank you…and I’ll make sure to invite you to the wedding.”

-Jennifer, Charlotte, NC

“First of all, let me just say, you are incredibly good at what you do. From start to finish you and your team have made me comfortable and excited and helped to alleviate any stress that comes with your typical “blind date”. But above and beyond that, your genuine caring, your concern for your clients, your complete understanding of their wishes and needs is really what sets you and your organization apart from any other service, app or matchmaking site out there.”

-Kevin, Charlotte, NC

“Laurie—your energy is infectious! Your advice was great and I’m going to look at breathing new life into my dating strategy.”

-Mary, Hilton Head, SC

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the work that you do and for who you are as a person. For me, your positive energy was the first thing that struck me. You were so easy to talk with and so encouraging in my search for Mr. Right. I recall early conversations where you pushed me to stay open to all the possibilities. Instead of feeling like it was so hard to meet a man, you maintained that with an open heart and mind, the possibilities were limitless. I believe that change in my perception helped me significantly. My fiancé is someone that I could have easily overlooked and now he is the love of my life and brings me so much happiness. Thank you for believing in love and possibility!”

-Sarah, Concord, NC

“Thanks for all you do! You always bring great insight after each date, you always know the right thing to say and how to say it, and I know without a doubt that you are putting 100% into serving me as a client. You are far more than a matchmaker—you have become a valued life coach!”

-Matt, Pinehurst, NC

“Thank you. May God bless you in your life—and in your work.”

-John, Raleigh, NC

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