QC Life: Call or text when dating? Expert Advice from Carolinas Matchmaker

by Laurie Berzack

Do you prefer to call or text?

Sometimes it’s really important to just pick up the phone and call, especially when you’re dating. Laurie Berzack, the owner of Carolinas Matchmaker, joined QC Life to talk about calling versus texting when it comes to dating. View the segment below, and click here to schedule a consultation with Laurie.

In this video, Laurie goes over several tried and true tips she uses with her own clients, including:

The crucial differences between a text and a call

  • A text is best used for logistics (when/where we are meeting etc) and quick, check in’s (‘Good morning, how’s your day, checking in, looking forward to seeing you, thinking about you, good night’).

  • It is NOT used as the main way of communication, to discuss your relationship or a place to air grievances, etc.

  • A call shows a willingness to put in more effort. It separates you from the masses

When to call vs. when to text (and how often to do both)

  • It can be difficult to read tone and attitude from text messages, as texting doesn’t provide as much non-verbal information as talking over the phone does.

  • Calling someone instead of texting them will allow you to have a more in-depth conversation and will be less likely to result in miscommunication.

  • It’s also important to ask someone how they prefer to communicate. If someone prefers texting, err on the side of that. If they mention they prefer speaking on the phone, make a point to call.

  • We pay more attention when we’re talking on the phone

  • A phone call increases the feeling of being connected

The important traits you can learn from a person through a simple phone call

  • If you are online dating, a phone call can be a great way to “pre-screen” someone. You can learn a lot about a person just from a phone call- including the way they talk (do they use good grammar, are they respectful, do they curse, etc), their sense of humor, whether or not they can hold/carry on a conversation. Obviously meeting a person in

In real life is important to determine if there is chemistry, etc., but a phone call is a great first step!

  • You can express nuance on the phone- this gets lost in texting most times

  • Phone calls are better for showing interest in a new relationship

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