Relationship advice for a struggling relationship

by Laurie Berzack
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Tips for what to do before splitting up in a relationship (to give it your greatest shot).

  1. Try treating your partner like you did when you first started dating. This means prioritizing them, thinking about them constantly, and trying to figure out how to make them happy. Set up an alert in your phone to call them once a day or write them a love letter. Think about the first couple of months you spent together and how excited you were just to see your partner! Try to visualize what this looked and felt like. 
  1. Figure out their love language ( and give them gifts based on what their language is! This can be anything from a rose for someone whose love language is receiving gifts to a massage for someone who enjoys physical touch. 
  1. People get so stuck in their routines, and in addition to kids, work, etc., these routines can get in the way of your relationship. Switch it up! Change your routines! Take up a new activity with your partner, whether that is running or playing tennis.
  1. Communicate very effectively about what you desire from your partner, and also evaluate whether you are putting too much emphasis on your partner being everything to you. One person can’t satisfy everything in life. You can learn to communicate by identifying five specific bullet points about what you want to improve and how it can be improved.
  1. Put down your phones! Life is already distracting enough, and spending more time on your phone and with the outside world shows your partner they are not a priority.

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